Kristina Stafford

My studio practice is a slow rotation of processes.

I explore and utilize a wide variety of mediums. I have three basic states of process: looking or collecting, planning or designing and finally making. When I look and collect I explore resources from the internet to antique stores. I gather images as well as objects. I never truly stop looking, but when I feel satisfied with my current findings I begin to draw. I sketch out surface designs and forms in full color and often several times before I make a single object. Drawing and painting allow me to experiment with color and pattern in way that feels less permanent giving me total freedom to explore.

Making work is most satisfying when I have a precise plan - when I have already made my decisions I feel more joy and confidence in the creation. Because my often complicated surface designs have been practiced on paper, I am allowed to truly enjoy watching my images come to life on clay as a sculptural canvas.