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Solo Show @ The Clay Art Center in Port Chester NY
July/August 2011
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I judge a book by its cover – sometimes the story reflects the exterior, and other times there is clear opposition. Interior and exterior can both contrast and compliment; each situation is special and interesting. A lovely flowery shell covers the dark and stormy interior, or a soft pink center is coated in layers of dark and severe design. Through
looking and making, I explore these ideas of visual disconnect in my work.
I love to decorate. I love color. Most days I just want a beautiful surface to adorn. My sculptural forms are often chosen and created simply as three-dimensional canvases – a surface to color on – sometimes I just feel like making something pretty. Textile design and pattern envelope my sketchbook, sculpture and pots. I want to immerse my work in illustrations – bold cut paper designs, line quality, gloss, matte and velvety textures.